Les Accoles

From Burgundy to the Ardechois Accoles

First of all, this estate is a family adventure, created by Florence and Olivier Leriche.

The two acolytes studied together, in Bordeaux and then in Dijon. Olivier studied œnology and Florence agricultural technics. While in Dijon they discovered and learnt about the Burgundy terroirs in 1998. Then followed 13 years at Domaine de l’Arlot, in Nuits-Saint-Georges. It’s there that they developed the knowledge of whole bunch wine making and biodynamics.
But, the family’s roots lie in the Rhône valley, from the Geneva Lake to the Mediterranee. In 2005, Florence and Olivier bought an old house near Privas and rebuilt it. Then, little by little, they began the discovery of the terroirs from Ardèche.

In 2010, vines were for sell in Saint-Marcel d’Ardèche… Old vines, little parcels… An ideal situation to create an organic and biodynamic vineyard…

We bought the vines and in 2011 the adventure began and the Domaine des Accoles was born.